Aerobic & Fitness Hits! (5 CD) с доставкой в город Яшкуль

Быстрая доставка по России, 20 способов оплаты.

Вес: 105 г
Ширина упаковки: 130 мм
Высота упаковки: 10 мм
Глубина упаковки: 130 мм
Запись: You Only Get What You Give (115 Bpm) (Warm Up),Layla (1 13 Bpm) (Warm Up),Addicted To Love (113 Bpm) (Warm Up),One Week (116 Bpm) (Warm Up),Don't Stop Believing (119 Bpm) (Warm Up),Hot Blooded (120 Bpm) (Cardio),Game Of Love (120 Bpm) (Cardio),Rock You Like A (125 Bpm) (Cardio),Abracadabra (127 Bpm) (Cardio),The Boys Are Back In Town (129 Bpm) (Cardio),You Gotta Fight (132 Bpm) (Cardio),Learning To Fly (138 Bpm) (Cardio),Rock In' In The Free World (128 Bpm) (Cool Down),Upside Down (110 Bpm) (Warm Up),This Is The Night (120 Bpm) (Warm Up),Family Affair (124 Bpm) (Warm Up),Tighten Up (127 Bpm) (Cardio),Super Freak (135 Bpm) (Cardio),Fantastic Voyage (126 Bpm) (Cardio),Shake Your Groove Thing (133 Bpm) (Cardio),Boogie Wonderland (130 Bpm) (Cardio),Disco Inferno (128 Bpm) (Cardio),Get Ready (134 Bpm) (Cardio),Love To Love You Baby (156 Bpm) (Cardio),Can't Help Myself (129 Bpm) (Cool Down),The Beat Goes On (124 Bpm) (Cool Down),Dance With Me (124 Bpm) (Cool Down),Let The Music Play (115 Bpm) (Warm Up),Gonna Make You Sweat (114 Bpm) (Warm Up),Strike It Up (119 Bpm) (Warm Up),A Little Less Conversation (119 Bpm) (Warm Up),Good Vibrations (122 Bpm) (Cardio),So Many Men (127 Bpm) (Cardio),Can't Get You Out Of My Head (126 Bpm) (Cardio),Move It Like This (129 Bpm) (Cardio),Set You Free (130 Bpm) (Cardio),We Like To Party (139 Bpm) (Cardio),I Turn To You (140 Bpm) (Cardio),Escape (126 Bpm) (Cardio),What Is Love (124 Bpm) (Cool Down),Finally (120 Bpm) (Cool Down),Show Me Love (120 Bpm) (Cool Down),Ruby Tuesday (105 Bpm) (Warm Up),Dancin Machine (108 Bpm) (Warm Up),Summer In The City (113 Bpm) (Warm Up),Venus (120 Bpm) (Warm Up),The Beat Goes On (124 Bpm) (Cardio),Sha-Boom (127 Bpm) (Cardio),Goin' To A Go-Go (129 Bpm) (Cardio),I Wanna Hold Your Hand (134 Bpm) (Cardio),Do You Love Me (148 Bpm) (Cardio),Burning Love (153 Bpm) (Cardio),Barbara Ann (155 Bpm) (Cardio),Pony Time (1б0 Bpm) (Cardio),Brown-Eyed Girl (132 Bpm) (Cool Down),Ain't No Mountain High Enough (125 Bpm) (Cool Down),Happy Together (122 Bpm) (Cool Down),Rhythm Divine (103 Bpm) (Warm Up),Whenever Wherever (107 Bpm) (Warm Up),Lady Marmalade (111 Bpm) (Warm Up),Need To Know (116 Bpm) (Cardio),So In Love With 2 (119 Bpm) (Cardio),Give Me Just One Night (124 Bpm) (Cardio),Waiting For Tonight (125 Bpm) (Cardio),Sexual (130 Bpm) (Cardio),Stranger In My House (Rmx) (134 Bpm) (Cardio),Boom Boom Boom Boom (139 Bpm) (Cardio),Who Let The Dogs Out (129 Bpm) (Cool Down)
Издание: Импортное
Альбомы: X-Tremely Fun. Rock Aerobic,X-Tremely Fun. Disco Aerobics,X-Tremely Fun. Dance Aerobic. Nonstop,X-Tremely Fun. Aerobics: Hits Of The 60s. Nonstop,X-Tremely Fun. Latino Aerobic. Nonstop Vol.4
Тип упаковки: Картонный бокс + конверт
Жанр: Поп-музыка//Зарубежная поп-музыка
Производство: Европейский Союз

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